Monday, January 5, 2009

Nothing to Worry About

My younger daughter lives in India. She likes to play fun tricks on me, like sending her sister a post card that says;
" I bought a moped. Wow, is it ever hard to steer, especially going really fast! I almost got wiped out by a bus yesterday! Don't tell mom ! ( just kidding nosey, I know you already read this Mom). Just kidding? I still have not been able to get a clear answer to the question
"Does this moped exist? Or were you just trying to make me dangerously insane? "
Facebook is also a fun way to send a parent into an imaginative frenzy. My older daughter likes to post pictures of herself surrounded by large reptiles- a room full of venomous snakes ( some in jars, others just kind of playing in the corner ) or a yard full of alligators. And guess what? After the snake bites a towel three or four towels and drains all the venom out of its cute little front chompers you can hold and pet it quite safely! But don't wipe your eye with the towel. And make sure it really bit down hard on the towel and wasn't faking you out.
This morning I got a slightly upsetting phone call to tell me that my daughter has accidentally revealed to our health insurance company that she is in India indefinitely. Apparently this has magically removed all obligation on their part to pay up if she gets into major trouble. No worries Mom, because she was only in the hospital overnight. Just a tiny little bacterial infection or food poisoning or whatever causes high fever and hallucinations and dehydration- but nothing to actually worry about when an IV full of antibiotics nipped it right in the bud. The upside is that the cost of a private room in a decent hospital, with multiple doctor consults and the IVs was the equivalent of $80. Oh. And her boyfriend has a "mildly" infected foot, by which she means that the bone is poking out, "just a bit". It is silly of me to get worked up about any of this.

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  1. Oh no! I used to do that kind of stuff to my Mum. When I went to China I told her if she didn't here from me every week she should start looking, then completely forgot to contact her for over 2 months, she contacted the Foreign Office. Ooops!